Prosecutor Ndoja, accused by PM of working with gangsters, survives murder attempt as he was traveling with suspected criminal

01/11/2019 21:24

Prosecutor Arjan Ndohi, his driver and a third person were targeted by a murder attempt at the Tirana-Durres highway.

There has been a fire exchange between the two cars. As a result, the Prosecutor and two persons who were with him are wounded.

Prosecutor Ndoja, at the Durres Prosecution, has been criticized by politicians recently.

The other person that was inside the car with Ndoja was Landi Muharremi, one of the persons who are accused of the beating of the Lebanese businessman, Faad Mitri.

On October 3rd, the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said that Ndoja was one of the prosecutors who are working with gangs and trying to pressure the administration workers.

Rama didn’t mention the Prosecutor’s name in public, but the Deputy PM accused Ndoja of cooperating with criminals.

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, said that a murder attempt against a Prosecutor is the worst mafia-style thing that can take place in a country, showing that crime doesn’t fear the state. He also said that the criminal attack came after the direct threats of the PM and Vice PM.

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