Prince Leka seeks the properties in Mat, successor of Ahmet Zog sues for the lands seized in 1945

09/06/2023 21:06

Prince Leka has been added to the files of the Albanian judiciary, who started the battle and demands compensation for the lands of his grandfather, former Albanian king Ahmet Zog.

Reminding the Appellate body that in 2012 the court recognized him as heir of Leka Zogu, Prince Leka insists on the annulment of a decision of the Dibra agency for the lands in Mat, where his predecessor Ahmet Zogu was born.

The royal family says in the lawsuit that Prince Leka 2 has initiated legal procedures for recognition, return and compensation of properties. What is required are land surfaces that currently belong to the state, in the villages of Zenisht, Rukaj, Rremull, Urakë and in the city of Burrel.

By outlining the boundaries for each of the plots in the above areas, the plaintiff says that the regional property restitution and compensation office did not recognize it as an expropriated subject.

But the plaintiff Leka Zogu claims to be the legal immediate heir of the deceased Leka Zogu 1st and Suzana, and therefore their recognition and compensation should pass to the 41-year-old.

It is not only about agricultural land, but also forests and properties in four villages and in the city of Burrelit, which belong to Mat as an administrative unit.

In 1945, the communist executive committee ordered the confiscation of Ahmet Zogut’s assets, which were then used by the state.

Earlier, Prince Leka won in the High Court another property of his grandfather, the royal villa of Shiroka, in Shkodër.

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