President Topi: Electoral College to take the right decision

30/05/2011 19:35

Albanian President, Bamir Topi participated at a joint
NATO naval military drill in Vlore, from where he declared that the Electoral College
must give a right decision for the election results of Tirana Municipality, in full accordance with the law.

“Albania is not a lawless country. Laws are there, but the problem is their implementation. Every institution and every individual with a given process that gives an important democracy evaluation must understand that there is law and only law”, Topi declared.

“We have frequently said this, and we are repeating ourselves. If everyone would have followed the laws, Europe would know how to evaluate it”, the President emphasized.

The Head of the Albanian state underlined for the first time that the Electoral College judges must respect their status when deciding for Tirana mayoral race, by guarding moral, professional and legal integrity.

“We are not in such a situation when a supreme institution can speak on behalf of every other institution. They must speak for themselves, based on their legal and moral status. All of these make the standards to be achieved”, Topi added.

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