PM Rama on Ilir Meta’s file as associate of former communist State Security: I trust the File Authorities

30/07/2022 21:12

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke today on the notification of the Files Authority that discovered as an associate of the former State Security, the citizen with the initials I.M.

The Prime Minister says that the chairman Genta Sula has been placed at the head of the Authority with the agreement also of Ilir Meta.

“On his own proposal and thanks to a serious CV, Genta Sula became the head of the Authority of the Files of the communist era collaborators, with the vote of the parliamentary majority of the time”, says Rama who further appreciates the work done by the agency .

He emphasizes that between the announcement of the Dossier Authority and the denials of Meta for being the communist spy in question, he trusts the agency led by Genta Sula.

“Between the Files Authority on one hand, which says textually that Ilir Meta who left the Presidency a few days ago, is the same Ilir who came up at the communist State Security files a few days later, without a doubt I trust the troupe led by Genta Sula “.

The Prime Minister also accuses Ilir Meta and democrat rival Sali Berisha of attacking and blackmailing the Sigurimi Files Authority, saying that “the outburst of fury of the PL chairman will not help him”. Rama draws a parallel between the change of Meta’s party’s name, from LSI to PL, just as its founder, Ilir Metaj, changed his last name to Meta.

“This surprises me”, writes Rama, while inviting the former President to support the Authority’s request to change the law that prevents the opening of politicians’ files.

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