PM Rama in New York: UN incomplete without Kosovo, Albania and the Balkan are ready for the EU

25/09/2021 00:02

Prime Minister Edi Rama delivered a speech today at the UN General Assembly where, among other things, he called for the full recognition of Kosovo’s independence, urged EU countries to open membership negotiations with Tirana and listed his country’s challenges and achievements regarding the pandemic, development and modernization.

“Again, this great assembly is not and will not be complete without Kosovo. You have heard me more than once talk about the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, this is not an obsession, nor something to just say, it is an invitation to acknowledge the new realities in the heart of Europe “.

Regarding the negotiations for Albania’s accession to the EU, Rama stated: “European integration is a primary national objective, a regional aspiration and a source of inspiration in a radically transformed regional context, in all 6 countries of the Western Balkans.”

Rama further said that Albania brings to the UN the viewpoint of a small country, but aware of the burden of the past and the challenges of the future.

“Albania is already a country characterized by respect, tolerance for different religious beliefs. It will sit on the Security Council with a clear agenda of priorities that reflects what modern Albania represents, which is the promotion of peace and security, peaceful resolution and mediation of conflicts, increased participation of women and youth in decision-making, etc. ”

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