PM Rama in Lebanon; 5 Albanian women and 14 children to be repatriated from Syrian camps

31/07/2021 15:56

The Albanian government has successfully completed the third humanitarian operation to repatriate women and children from Syria’s Al Hol and Roj jihadist militant camps.

Top Channel envoy in Lebanon, Muhamed Veliu reports that it has been possible to extract 19 Albanian women and children from these camps, who are expected to arrive in Albania on Sunday.

The Albanian team consisting of Marc Ghorayeb, non-resident advisor to Prime Minister Edi Rama, as well as representatives of the State Police and Colonel Fauzi Shamaun, deputy director of Lebanese national security, are currently in the Al Hasaka area of ​​northeastern Syria to complete the operation.

They will first travel to Damascus and then arrive in Beirut. The survivors of the ‘hell camps’ will then remain in a secret location, under the guard of the security forces and the personal care of the Lebanese national security chief, General Abbas Ibrahim, without the engagement of whom this important operation not could have been achieved.

As in the other similar operation in October 2020, when an Albanian woman and four children were repatriated, the Prime Minister Edi Rama himself went to Beirut together with the Minister of Internal Affairs Bledi Cuci and Gledis Nano, director of the anti-terror directorate in the State Police.


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