Opposition on the release of former minister Tahiri: A mockery of justice

02/06/2023 15:54

The head of the DP opposition Parliamentary Group, Gazment Bardhi, reacted today after the release of the ex-minister of interior Saimir Tahiri, calling it a “mockery of justice”.

He added that Tahiri will be remembered as the champion of Prime Minister Edi Rama who guaranteed the inviolability of criminal groups.

“Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri will be remembered as Edi Rama’s champion minister who guaranteed the inviolability of criminal groups, deepened the state’s cooperation with them and, like never before, filled the country with state-licensed cannabis,” said Bardhi.

“His release on parole is a travesty of justice. While Albanian citizens wait for the new justice to put an end to impunity, corrupt high officials benefit from deeply political court decisions, which turn their sentences into something ridiculous.

“The abusers of power must suffer their full sentence, without any political favoritism and being treated equally with any other citizen. On behalf of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party, I consider today’s political decision of the Court of Elbasan a disgrace to justice and an incitement to the deepening of corruption and abuse of power”, declared Bardhi to the media.

Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri left prison today, to continue his sentence under “house arrest”, on the grounds that he has health problems, and that his wife is not in good health and, as a result, cannot take care of the children .

The request, which was made six months ago in the Court of Elbasan, was accepted this Friday.

Tahiri was sentenced to 3 years and four months in prison for abuse of office related to cannabis cultivation groups.

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