Opposition accuses Rama of links with arrested former head of the FBI, PM rejects charges

24/01/2023 20:52

A day ago, the former FBI counterintelligence chief was arrested in New York on charges that he supported a Russian oligarch sanctioned by the United States of America, as well as that he took bribes from a former Albanian secret service agent.

The head of the PD opposition, Sali Berisha, said today that the head of the government Edi Rama, as well as “two main lieutenants of the prime minister” are involved in the affair of Charles McGonigal.

After the accusations, Prime Minister Edi Rama wrote on social networks that the arrest of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Chief has nothing to do with him.

“An FBI official is accused in America of things that have nothing to do with me, which if they had, they would have been investigated, and in Albania the trial against me begins in a ‘Big Brother’ of politics, channels and


“I’m used to it, but recently I’ve decided to stop taking out every stone that is thrown into the river every day by the protagonists of this Big Brother!”, added Rama.

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