Official campaign funds; SP spent three times more than rivals – SP 1.44 million euros/ PD, 390 thousand euros

21/09/2021 20:22

The Socialist Party in power has spent 173 million ALL in the election campaign or over 1.44 million euros.

This amount is three times the expenses of the opposition DP who spent 47 million ALL or 390 thousand euros, while the SMI spent the amount of 43 million ALL or 360 thousand euros.

The data come from the financial reports submitted to the CEC by the parties.

Party funding comes from four main sources; From the State Budget, where according to the law the CEC divides the money according to the quotas, from the contributions of the candidates, from the contributions of the natural persons who support the cause of the party, and the income generated from the quotas taken from the membership.

The data show that the DP membership is the weakest in terms of the amount of revenue it contributes, followed by the SMI and led by the SP, to which about 44% of campaign funding comes from the membership base.

The DP is also last in terms of the contribution that political candidates have made.

The parties mainly spent on advertisements, sponsorships, election materials and the scenography of rallies. The Socialist Party is notable for spending a lot of money on social media Facebook and renting party offices.

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