Number of wildfires in Albania exceeds 220; New outbreaks today in Lushnja, Himara and Lezha

20/07/2022 20:51

An update from the Ministry of Defense has informed that in two months, 220 wildfires have been active in 42 municipalities of Albania, while the most critical situations were in Fier, Shkodër, Vlora and Tirana.

Meanwhile, in Lezha, after the hearth in the village of Balldren, which was isolated with difficulty, another area caught fire in Borzana, near Ura e Zogut, on the border between Lezha and Rubik.

This morning in the village of Kasharaj in Lushnje, four cattle sheds and food barns were burned.

The fire spread because garbage was burning nearby, while several homes were also endangered.

The cattle were saved, while the firefighters managed to bring the fire under control without endangering the adjacent forest.

In the village of Vuno in Himara, an area of ​​vegetation was engulfed in flames. The flames were near the houses of the village and endangered the residents, but the intervention made it possible to extinguish the hearth, leaving behind only material damage.

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