Number of foreigners traveling to Shkodra is increasing, 10 thousand arrivals per day from the northern point of Muriqan

08/06/2024 15:45

This year, the number of tourists in Albania is expected to register another records as from North to South, Albania has become one of the most favorite destinations, both for Europeans and tourists from other countries of the world.

The start of the tourist season earlier this year is also confirmed by the numbers at the border crossing points with Montenegro, in the north of Albania. In Muriqan, a year ago, 4,800-5,000 citizens crossed, while on the weekend this border point welcomes 10,000 to 11,000 visitors, most of them from Germany, Holland or France.

“We were in Theth and we went to the waterfalls, to Syri i Kaltër, the canyons, but now my feet are hurting. It is very nice here. Very good place, very nice people. What to change? The waiting time at the border”, said an interviewed tourist.

“We are from Holland and we stayed 5 days in Albania. We came from the Netherlands, to Italy, Greece and then through Albania. I’m looking at many cars with Dutch license plates here at customs, but no, we don’t know each other, we’re not together”, says the tourist.

“Very nice. We didn’t move much, but only visited the mountains. We are not for big cities and noise, that’s why we love the nature and tranquility of your mountains for camping. In this fantastic nature that you have, there is a lot of litter which is not needed”, said another female tourist.

“It’s very good. Nice place to visit. There are places for camping, for accommodation, good food. My advice? Not many tourists. Not massiveness. Don’t go too far with tourism,” said another.

If last year in the region of Shkodra, the first place of visitors was held by the Spanish, this year it is the Netherlands with the largest number of tourists.

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