No trace of the authors; Albanian police still far from uncovering the truth about the grave attack on Top Channel TV

29/03/2023 15:47

Three forensics departments in Police have completed the expertise on the “Range Rover” vehicle, used in the armed attack on the headquarters of Top Channel.

The ballistics sector, after the tests, confirms that the two Kalashnikovs that fired 26 bullets were not used in any other crime. On the other hand, the fingerprint sector claims that no fingerprints have been found that would lead to the possible perpetrators.

Also there are doubts that the fire service intervening to extinguish the flames in the “Range Rover” vehicle has damaged any possible traces that could be obtained by the Scientific Police.

But the most important piece of evidence was found in a shell casing seized inside the vehicle.

A DNA test that the investigative team hopes will lead to the perpetrators, who opened fire on Monday morning.

This DNA evidence will be subjected to the comparison method as it will be sent to Europol headquarters in Lyon, where it will be compared with other archived DNA evidence.

Such a method of comparison was used to solve previous serious crimes, such as the murder of police head Artan Cuku. Until now, the names of the suspects are still far away and the tracks are still far away, for the reason why Top Channel was shot with a Kalashnikov 26 times, killing Pal Kola and endangering many other employees who were on duty.

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