Municipal administrator in Klos attacks citizen in Gurrë e Madhe, the police do not arrest him and the municipality keeps him at work

17/06/2024 21:24

Çlirim Disha, the administrator of the Gurrë e Madhe Administrative Unit in the Municipality of Klos in the northeast of Albania, injured a resident of the area hitting him with blant objects on May 27, 2024.

But after the incident, he calmly continues his duty, as the police did not arrest him despite the fact that the viktim went to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana with fractures.

Disha continues his duties as Administrator, although Mayor Valbona Kola is aware of the incident.

In the editorial office of the “Fiks Fare” show, Mr. Qazim Hoxha, said that on the afternoon of May 27, in Gurrë e Madhe, in the place called Ura e Dekas, he was hit with blant objects by the administrator Çlirim Disha, after a momentary conflict in the local bar.

He was sent to the hospital and learned that had 4 serious fractures and bleeding. “The Burrel Hospital sent me urgently to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana that same day. They did the interventions, the stitches and I stayed there for 3 days. I asked myself to go home. They gave me a leave to rest for 1 month from the many traumas I had,” continues Qazimi.

He says that he has never had a conflict with this person which is from another village. He claims that he was linked with the attacker once through his job in making some merchendise documantations, while he demands that measures be taken against this civil servant, since he has not been arrested or dismissed from office.

Fiks Fare went to Police of Klos but the door was closed. Through the phone of an employee, journalists talk with Mr. Lorenc Alia, in charge of the Police Station in Klos. The person in charge says that for the actions performed at the time of the event, were decided by the investigative group, as he claims that the prosecutor’s office of Dibra is still investigating the author for the charge ‘minor injuries’. He is asked how the police knew on May 27 that the blows were light, as Qazim went to the hospital for stitches and bleeding. He does not answer, adding that Disha was escorted and released a few hours later. Fiks Fare asks him which is the motive for the ttack and the responsible claims that “a fight in the bar for reasons like ‘what you’re looking at?’”.

The Fiks Fare group also went in the Municipality of Klos and they asked to meet the mayor of the Municipality, Mrs. Valbona Kola. Through the phone, the mayor says that they should receive the information in writing through a information request. Until the broadcasting of this program, the Municipality of Klos has not yet responded.

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