Mountain tourism in fashion as an increasing number of visitors prefer the mountain to the seaside in summer

15/06/2024 15:41

Mountain climate tourism from year to year is becoming more popular as in this summer time tourists are not only looking for coolness on the coast, but also prefer the mountainous areas of the north of Albania.

“Many foreign tourists come only for mountain tourism in Albania. The main points of mountain tourism at the moment are Thethi, Valbona and Shala river, where visitors stay for several days”, said Xhimi Lama”, representative of the tourist operators.

The capital Tirana is turning into a day stop destination, with foreigners preferring to visit its hills and mountainous surroundings.

“The most prominent is Bovilla lake, Dajti mountain and Shëngjergji waterfall. We also have the cave of Pëllumbas and the castle of Petrela, which are the most popular daily tours in the surroundings of Tirana”, said Lama.

As for the numbers of tourists, this year is moving at a good pace, while the need arises for a better organization of tourist structures.

“Albania has opened up to tourists and is turning into a favorite destination. We have over 30% more visitors than last year. But now we have to be more prepared, we need more guides, more tourist transport and also as much dedication and cleanliness as possible”, said the chairman of the tourist operators.

The desire to see a new country, already well advertised in foreign media, is what brings tourists to our country, combined with the prices that are cheaper than in other European destinations.

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