Ministry of Health general secretary Joana Duro, is arrested for corruption

02/06/2023 20:59

The general secretary of the Ministry of Health of Albania, Joana Duro, was arrested today, along with another employee by order of the SPAK special anti-corruption prosecutor’s office.

Duro and Laura Sheto are accused of corruption, while the details of the matter are not yet known, but PM Edi Rama has made a post about the matter.

“A few hours ago I heard about a situation that is really embarrassing.

A General Secretary caught red-handed taking bribes. How can this happen? Of course, the side of, so to speak, the pleasant side of this coin is that a person is caught, who is unworthy to stay in a state office and I wish that there are as many as possible of these cases, but I can’t wish that the more such people do such things.”

PM Rama expressed his surprise at the violations of the Socialist party official who, according to him, think they can do whatever they want with the law and the common wealth.

“We have chosen this other path and on this path there is no going back and there is no compromise with anyone”, Rama said, among other things.

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