Merkel sets conditions to Serbia

23/08/2011 15:35

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel gave three recommendations to
Serbia before progressing to the EU candidate status: concrete results
in the dialogue with Kosovo, extending EULEX authority in the entire
Kosovo territory and removing parallel institutions.

The head of the German state, not very relaxed, spoke very openly during her visit in Serbia. She declared that she fears nothing and that she doesn’t fear anything for Northern Kosovo. According to her, the politicians exist for resolving difficult issued. Merkel declared that there are 300.000 Serbians in Germany, and that her state sees the future of Serbia and other countries of the region in the European Union,

“Germany recognized the Republic of Kosovo, while Serbia hasn’t done this. In this case we need progress, results in the dialogue”, she added.

The German Chancellor greeted the courage of the Serbian President Boris Tadic for arresting the much wanted war criminals, and added that there is optimism for the future. The Serbian President declared that Serbia leads a policy of reconciliation and peace in the region, and that they also desire to resolve the problems with Kosovo.

“We know that we must not give another conflict to the European Union, and we want to resolve the problem with Kosovo through a compromise. But we have our methods for the resolution, and we do not recognize Kosovo”, he declared.

Merkel visited Serbia after visiting Croatia.

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