Mayor of Bulqiza is dismissed from office after arrest for abuse with public tenders

24/03/2023 16:01

Lefter Alla, who was arrested a few days ago on charges of corruption and abuse of public tenders, has now been dismissed from the post of mayor of the town of Bulqiza, in the northeast of the capital.

Alla held the post of mayor since June 2019. He was arrested on March 15, two months away from local elections to be held on May 14. During his term at the head of the Bulqiza municipality, Alla was several times in front of the justice bodies, for various accusations of abuse. In January 2020, he was investigated for drug possession and production following the release of a video purporting to be him using drugs.

These investigations were closed by the prosecutor’s office as after the analyzes he was not found to be a user and the experts came to the conclusion that the footage was not recorded with a mobile device but from a computer screen.

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