“Masterchef 2” returns on Top Channel

15/11/2014 00:00

“MasterChef” returns this Saturday night on Top Channel. Hundreds
competitors ran in the preliminary audiences, but only some of them will
face the judges, Sokol Prenga, Renato Mekolli and Gezim Musliaka.

The Chefs are the same in this second edition, but everything else will be different. Competitors come from various ages, professions and regions, and for the first time there are participants from Kosovo.

Their common point is cooking. Some have left any other commitment just to be part of “MasterChef”.

The tests on terrain will be spectacular this year. Some will be held in various Albanian cities, and each of them will have a story from which will depend the meny for the competitors.

Most of the tests will be carried out in a modern kitchen of MasterChef, a new, warm and family-friendly environment.

The elimination schemes will be complicated.

The winner will receive 10.000 EUR and will have a recipe book published. The auditions will continue for 14 weeks, in the biggest cooking competition of MasterChef.

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