Mark Gjonaj: Foreign countries want Albania’s destabilization

15/04/2019 22:54

Tirana is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Atlantic Battalion, which was joined by many Albanian-Americans with the purpose to liberate Kosovo.

Mark Gjonaj, who was member of the New York Municipal Council, called the members of this battalion as the best example in the history of our people.

In an interview for Top Channel, Gjonaj also commented the political situation of Albania. “I am concerned by the destabilization. The Albanian political leadership is using double standards. The interests of the citizens should come first. I am sorry to say it, but they are led by personal interests, and interests that are coming from outside Albania, which don’t want the best of our wonderful country”, he said.

TCH: When you speak about foreign interests, what do you mean by it?

Mark Gjonaj: I am not sure who are these foreign factors that have troubled Albania, but I can say that there are other countries that want to see Albania in this chaotic situation. We must not tolerate this. We are a sovereign people and we cannot allow to be under foreign influences.

Top Channel