Mafia style murder in Tirana; Car bomb kills 27-year-old driving in motorway

11/06/2022 21:25

A quantity of explosives placed in the front part of the moving vehicle killed today 27-year-old Aleksandër Sadikaj at the southern exit of Tirana.

Police are not sure if the 27-year-old was the target of the attack as the vehicle in which the explosive was placed was not in his name.

To clarify the event, the police are focusing on the criminal precedents of the victim.

The perpetrators are thought to have followed the 27-year-old at a distance and when his vehicle was on the Tirana-Elbasan highway, they blew him up while there were no other vehicles near it.

Aleksandër Sadikaj, originally from Berat, shared his life between Tirana and Memaliaj, where he had built an agritourism business for more than a year.

The 27-year-old, since 2011 turns out to have been arrested 5 times by the police for theft, wounding, attempted murder and opposition to police officers.

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