Learning shortcomings continue in schools; children feel the gaps from the time of online teaching

12/01/2022 20:07

Due to the shortcomings during the two academic years where teaching took place part-time or online, students after finishing school are accompanied by parents to educational centers for supporting or complementary programs.

But not all Albanian families are able to follow them. The 9-year-old interviewee is a student in a school in the capital and says that the pandemic has left her behind in some teaching topics.

“I try myself or with the help of my brother. I can not afford the courses.”

Even this school year the challenges are many. The spread of infections has increased absences in schools, which means less learning for students.

“Today a teacher was absent and out of 6 hours of teaching we did only 4. When the teacher returns we do these topics in a condensed manner. Sometimes we do not understand. Those who go to the courses have it simpler, but we have difficulties if we don’t do to them “, says another student.

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