Lawyers protest against the reform of the national courts map continues in Kurbin

22/06/2022 20:37

The protests against the new courts’ map in Kurbin district have continued today, where, unlike Lezha, there were a large number of citizens who opposed the closure of the district’s court.

Residents have expressed that the closure of the court would lead to the depopulation of the city of Laç, and the residents themselves will be forced to resolve to self-judgment to resolve the disagreements.

Lawyers and citizens consider it absurd to leave this area with 90 thousand inhabitants without courts and ask the government not to approve the HJC proposal.

In addition to the civil protest, for two days, the lawyers of the Local Chamber of Advocacy of Lezha have also boycotted the issuance of detention measures. The current boycott continues until June 24, according to reports.

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