Latvian Chief of Staff on Top Channel, details about the tragic incident of Albanian soldier

07/05/2019 22:40

Lieutenant General Leonīds Kalniņš from the Latvian army explained in an interview for Top Channel the circumstances of the Camp Adazi incident, where the Albanian military officer, Zarife Hasanaj, lost her life in an explosion that also injured two other Albanian effectives.

The Latvian General said that the investigation has not made it clear yet what was the exact instrument that caused the explosion, but the special investigation group, established with Military Police and State Police Special Prosecutors will provide an answer soon.

Kalnins said that the explosion took place before the traning started, which involved getting engaged in a shooting similar to a war situation. The Albanian team was preparing the area where the training would take place, and the incident was caused on a field, where tanks would be operating later on.

When asked if the incident could have been avoided, the Lieutenant General said that the soldiers are well-trained and those who are involved in mine deactivation follow very strict procedures, with trusted equipment. “The probability for something like this to take place is one in a million. I believe that the Albanian military are loyal followers to all the rules, and execute their tasks with responsibility. The training involved military from nine different countries.

As for the two other military, the Latvian Lieutnant General Kalnins said that one of the officers is in serious conditions, at the Riga hospital. The other has left the hospital and has returned to the base.

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