Kosovo politicians and analysts react about Meta’s decision to reject Cakaj’s candidate as Foreign Minister

11/01/2019 22:31

Kosovo politicians and analysts have reacted the situation of Gent Cakaj in Albania, the Kosovo Albanian chosen by Prime Minister Edi Rama as a candidate for the Foreign Ministry, and who was rejected by President Ilir meta.

Some of them agree that it is up to the Prime Minister to chose the persons who go by his side, while others suspect that Gent Cakaj is a victim of higher political games.

Kosovo MP, Milaim Zeka, accused all Albanian governments of having allowed Serbia to influence the internal matters of Albania.

President Ilir meta has declared the four new ministers proposed by PM Rama, including another one from Kosovo, Besa Shahini. The only candidate the President opposes is Genti Cakaj.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Haradinaj, said that they will not comment the decisions of Albanian President Ilir Meta.

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