Kosovo Parliament rejects Self-Determination request

10/01/2011 01:50

Kosovo MPs refused a Self-Determination Movement request for an extraordinary session.

The purpose of this session was to discuss about the recent events in Northern Kosovo and the way the government will act in the future.

This refusal was commented by the S-DM Parliamentary Group leader, Visar Ymeri, who says that this request was made one day after the violence used by Serbia’s illegal structures by attacking the Albanian and Bosnian cleaning workers in the Iber River.

Ymeraj said that the Parliamentary Groups have refused this initiative because they have considered it as very sensitive.

According to Self-Determination Movement MPs, their request was accepted only by some MPs of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, but not the entire Parliament Group.

Ymeri concludes the announcement by saying that the Government of Kosovo is backing off every day more from their intervention of July 25th.

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