Kosovo against Romanian General

26/04/2011 20:30

The assignment of a Romanian general as head of the Special Police of EULEX has spurred debates in Pristina.

Selim Krasniqi, high political adviser for the Ministry of Kosovo Security Forces called this decision unjust, with the argument that the assignment should not come by countries that do not recognize Kosovo.

The Self Determination Movement sent a letter to the vice President of European Commission and to the Chief of European Diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, expressing their objection on the assignment of the Romanian colonel.

Baroness Ashton has been asked to cancel the assignment for the reasons of, according to the Self Determination Movement, that the Romanian government is responsible for the murder of Arben Xheladini and Mon Balaj on February 10th 2007.

The leadership of many associations created out of the KLA war has given a harsher reaction. According to them, EULEX has degraded itself by not taking any useful action, turning into an unnecessary institution.

The associations that were created out of the KLA war expressed their deep concern on the assignment of the Romanian Petre as head of the Special EULEX Police, saying that the people of Kosovo have lost their trust towards the Romanian police, which killed two Albanian young men on February 10th 2007.

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