Korçë, investigations for nationality conversion

27/04/2011 12:00

The Korça prosecution started the investigation for two suspicious cases of Albanian nationality conversion to Greek.

The Prosecution has opened two investigation cases, based on suspicions raised by two certificates that might be falsified and that have been officially presented with a request for nationality conversion. Official sources of Korça prosecution said that the criminal procedure started after an illegal change of Albanian nationality to Greek through falsified official documents.

For the same reason, two individual cases are under investigation. The first one is for two citizens of the same family and the other for one Korça citizen. The police said that they are investigating three persons for forging official documents to be used in Greece.

The persons under investigation are Donika Çobani, her son, Marsel Çobani, and the citizen Jorgo Lara. This is the first case that nationality conversions are being investigated in our country, after noticing multiple nationality conversion that have been made in all Albania.

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