Judge Dizdari discharged by Vetting process, Constitutional Court left with 2 members

16/07/2018 14:02

The Independent Commission of Qualification has discharged the Constitutional Court Judge, Gani Dizdari.

The last of Constitutional Judges had chosen lawyer Sokol Hazizaj to defend him from the Independent Commission of Qualification.

Two of the components that put his career in danger was the clarity of his figure as judge, and his wealth

The Commission declared that Dizdari has inappropriate relations with a person who is convicted for illegal influence. This person is his own nephew, Agron Lumneshi, the sone of his sister.

Dizdari has had inappropriate contacts with this person, according to the Vetting Law. As evidence, they brought data from the TIMS system, which showed that the two had travelled together outside Albania.

Years ago, when Lumneshi was a member of the Supreme Court, he was sentenced for illegal influence. Dizdari’s lawyer opposed the decision of the Commission, saying that the illegal influence is an accusation not related to individuals of organized crime.


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