Iranian Mujahedeen in Albania: We are safe here. Determined stance against Iran makes the world stronger

09/01/2020 20:14

2500 members of the Iranian opposition, MEK, sheltered in Manza, Tirana, are living inside a camp with maximal security conditions.

The MEK members say they feel safe in this camp, although agents sent by the Iranian regime often show up pretending to be journalists or relatives.

“Security in Albania is another issue because we are under the attack and terror of the regime. They follow the mujahedeen to kill and bomb them.

“We are not alone. The mujahedeen members are also in other European countries.

“The only way to have security in Albania is to show determination against the Iranian regime, which Albania has done so far.

“Fortunately, they banished the Iranian ambassador who was part of terrorism.

“This makes Albania safer for Albanians, and of course, for us as well”, said Bahzat Saffari, legal adviser.

The mujahedeen say that their lives depend on the stance that will be held by the USA.

“The situation between Iran and the USA is very tense right now.

“The Iranian regime is the godfather of international terrorism.  They feed them in every country, especially in the Middle East.

“A determined language and strong reaction against the regime, as we hope the USA will do, makes the world and the Middle East a safer country”, said Bahzat Saffari.

The former MEK fighters who were under US protection were brought in Albania as part of a humanitarian plan since they were being bombed constantly in Iraq.

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