Intense rainfall in the north; Bad weather brings flood warnings in Shkodër and Lezhë

17/01/2023 21:00

Intense rain is expected in Albania throughout this week, bringing back the risk of flooding. Defense Minister Niko Peleshi announced that the rain and in some areas snow, will continue for several days.

The highest amount of precipitation was recorded in the Albanian Alps, reaching 120 mm in Theth and Valbona.

“So far, we have no reports of problematic situations, the river quotas are normal so far.

In the counties of Shkodër, Kukës, Lezhë and Dibër, we can have local floods of small mountain rivers and landslides. There may be local flooding depending on the condition of the sewers,” said Peleshi, while requesting that the municipalities take measures for the readiness of teams and work tools.

According to MeteoAlb, the first half of this week will be accompanied by showers throughout the territory, while during the second part of the week there will be less rain accompanied by a drop in temperatures.

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