Increase in the domestic power price is approved; Above the 800kw band, it will cost 4.4 times more

23/09/2022 21:11

The Albanian energy regulatory body approved today a 4.4 times increase in the price of energy for household consumers who spend more than 800 kilowatts of electricity per month.

“Based on the need for income due to the increase in the cost of energy, we estimate that the price should be 42 ALL per kWh for household consumption over 800 kWh per month, which recovers the cost of purchasing energy by providing the necessary liquidity for FSHU, and the guarantee of electricity supply”, they said.

Deputy head of the opposition Democratic Party, Jorida Tabaku, described the change of the bandage as “an increase in the price imposed by the government”.

“The increased price of energy does not justify the price increase in foreign markets. Most of the revenue from the increase goes to private or non-public operators. We asked the agency to follow the public interest of the citizens”, said Tabaku after the ERE meeting.

The increased price will come on the household bill and the decision to increase came after the request of the government. This move foresees that 40-70 thousand families will see an increase in price of electricity during the months of October-December.

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