In Manez, the affected by the earthquake live still in containers, waiting for the completion of buildings

26/11/2021 21:09

Aisel is the first child born after the earthquake of November 2019, turning into evidence of the triumph of life in the face of tragedy.

“The girl was born 3 days after the earthquake. At that time we lived in tents. They improvised living conditions for us since the houses were destroyed”, says the mother in Manez near Durres, in central Albania.

The Sula family then moved to makeshift housing containers, along with other homeless families. Today Aisel is 2 years old and still lives with her parents and two brothers in the container.

“We can barely wait for this anxiety of living in a container to end and go home”, the woman adds.

Living in a container is not easy at all, all the families living in them hope that everything will end soon.

640 families in Manëz, Durrës, lost their homes two years ago in the earthquake. After the repair works, some have returned to their homes, while others hope that one day they will return there.

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