ICG: Electoral College to respect law

27/05/2011 00:35

International Crisis Group appealed the Electoral College to exert its competences with responsibility and based only on law.

Sabrine Freizer, head of this group for Europe, declared that the rules of the game cannot be changed in the midst of the process, referring to the decision taken by Central Election Commission for reassessing miscast ballots.

“If commissioners were told to not count these ballots, it is too late now to change this rule”, Freizer declared.

Freizer also referred to the OSCE report for the voting process on the Election Day. According to her, the main problem is the highly polarized environment in Albania, which has caused tension on the verge of the Elections and during the ballot counting process.

Freizer said that there have been many delays during the ballot counting process and for the Tirana Municipality result.

“This is very concerning, and now it is important that the Electoral College reviews the appeals and finds an all-including solution for the result of these elections. It is important for not having violence from both parties”, Freizer declared.

The Head of the International Crisis Group for Europe says that if the opposition will decide to organize demonstrations, those must be peaceful and Police must not use excessive violence.

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