German Minister: EU must keep its word and open negotiations with Albania

14/10/2019 15:59

The Eu must keep its promise and open the EU accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia, as both countries have fulfilled their tasks and deserve to be rewarded, declared the German Minister of Stae for Europe, Michael Roth, in an interview for the German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag.

“A refusal would put the credibility of the EU in danger, together with the peace and stability of Western Balkans. If we create a political vacuum, it will soon be filled by Russia, China, Turkey, and the Middle East”, he said.

“Our partners should not break the promise”, he said.

“On October 15th we need to give green light to the negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia. Both countries have fulfilled their duties and this must be rewarded. We have given our promises and we need to keep them”, Roth declared.

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