Fule: Serbia’s integration, condition for Kosovo

11/10/2010 00:00

The EU Commissioner for enlargement, Stefan Fule, declared that Kosovo’s
integrity issue as a condition for Serbia’s progress should not be a

He underlined that this was decided by the Contact Group in 2005, which says that there will be no border change for Kosovo.

Fule arrived in Belgrade after presenting the progress report for some countries, including Serbia, which was waiting for the date when the membership negotiations would start.

Although Fule declared that this has nothing to do with Kosovo, he clearly stated that they don’t want Kosovo’s division.

He added that this definition is related with the security and that both parties will not put obstacles against each other in their EU path.

Many years after Kosovo’s independence declaration, Serbia has found the formulas to fulfil the EU requests, but with more enthusiasm the points that don’t require the recognition of Kosovo’s independence.

The division has been an idea on which Serbia has pressed a lot, especially in the recent years by the Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, who considers it as the only solution.

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