Former Deputy PM requests interpellation in the Assembly on increase of agricultural prices

14/01/2022 20:09

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the ruling SP, Erion Brace will request through an interpellation in parliament, explanations for the increase in the price of products used by farmers in Albania.

Brace said that the current increase in prices of fruits and vegetables does not come from farmers but from the increase in the price of raw materials used in agricultural growth and cultivation.

“The prices of raw materials in agriculture have tripled, the costs of the farmer have increased, while the prices of their products have not!”, Said Brace.

“The ratio between the price of inputs and the price of the farmer’s product is terribly unfair: 1 kg of wheat costs 30 lek; 1 kg of DAP fertilizer costs 110 lek, 1 kg of corn costs up to 38 lek;

“1 kg of nitrate costs 90 lekë, but 1 kg of tomatoes (the best) costs only 50 lek”, he said.

“Fair prices of raw materials, but also the products of the farmer, are the task of the government,” said Brace among other things.

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