Foreign escorts “fill” Tirana streets after reports of working girls from Libya, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

26/05/2023 21:00

In Albania and mainly in the capital Tirana, foreigners have often been seen who have found a safe job market.

But recently another phenomenon has been observed as the capital seems to have turned into the destination of eastern girls who offer sexual services against payment.

Girls from Libya, Tajikistan or Azerbaijan, but also China or Vietnam are reported to come to the country as tourists and then rent apartments where they exercise their activity for amounts from 100 to 400 euros.

They advertise openly on a website called ‘Tirana escorts’. This activity caught the attention of the authorities as 3 of the girls were robbed by some teenagers who under the threat of a knife, took their cell phones and money.

The three minors suspected of violent theft said to the blue uniforms that they came into contact with the foreigners on a website where they offered sexual services against payment in rented apartments in Tirana. Minors aged 16-17 years contacted the girls posing as customers, and then when they went to the destination they robbed them.

Tirana Police Station No. 3 identified the minors and due to their age, proceeded to investigate them in freedom.

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