Fiks Fare investigates illegal sale of grave sites in Durrës cemetery

05/06/2023 21:07

A few weeks ago, the show Fiks Fare brought an investigation on how a grave site was bought in the Durrës cemetery, as the company’s technician reserved a grave site with the data that Fiks’s associate gave him against payment.

He put concrete in the place as well as a plaque, but immediately after the broadcast of the chronicle, the employee who took the money was arrested.

But his arrest does not seem to have scared anyone, as the same scheme continues again.

Fiks Fare’s journalists bring new facts about the sale of places in the Durrës cemetery. This time, the responsibility accuses the former technician who was arrested after the chronicle for this problem, but the journalists brought cases of saving the places.

Journalists brought several cases of reserved or guarded graves, where two of them bore the same person’s name and the same date of death.

Dozens of similar cases were found only in one plot where the journalists stopped, a place where videos were previously made by a citizen who made out the real and fictitious graves.

For this reason, the journalists asked for an answer from the cemetery manager, who blamed everything on the person arested earlier  for accepting the bribe.

The person in charge tells that with his departure, those graves illegally reserved have started to be cleaned, but Fiks Fare’s journalists proved the opposite by making available to the person in charge a video showing reserved graves after April 4, the date on which the technician was arrested.

But in this case, there is still  no answer by the responsable, with the justifications that this was done by “a private company”.


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