Fight against informality, Rama: “We reduced dishonest competition”

15/02/2016 15:05

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said that the fight against
informality has increased the strength of Albanian businesses. To prove
this, the PM visited a 100% Albanian factory, accompanies by the
Minister of Economy, Arben Ahemtaj, and the Tax Office Director, Brisida
Shehaj. This brick factory has turned into one of the biggest
enterprises in Balkan.

“We support not only the operations for putting obstacles to illegal buildings, but also the formalization of economy. We have been one of the most formalized business since te beginning. We used to work with small traders. We didn’t work with private operators that avoided VAT to increase their income. No truck gets out of this factory without paying VAT. Fight against informality is now giing results”, said the owner of this subject, Asllan Baraj.

The factory spends around 600.000 Euros a year in investments, and thanks to the fiscal policies, they have received almost 1.6 million EUR of debts that the government owned them.

Considering this factory as a success story, the Prime Minister emphasized the government’s commitment to formalize the economy and avoid dishonest competition.

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