Farmer to sue the municipality after losing the possibility of state subsidy and permit for cow stable

13/01/2022 21:47

Dashamir Çela in 2010 left the Netherlands to take care of cows in his country Albania. After many challenges in his stable Dashamiri managed to have 40 head of cattle.

His dreamis to have a modern stable that guarantees food security but even though he was announced the winner of the IPARD agricultural program, the Municipality of Dimali has broken the farmer’s dream.

“I applied to IPArD and took this project to the Dimal Municipality, which they approved, so I continued with the documentation, but in the end I see that it was again the municipality that refused my right to set up a cow stable in the village of Samaticë”, said Çela.

He says that he will be the first farmer to denounce the municipality of Dimali, with a lawsuit file that has cost him 1 million ALL.

“I was denied a stable construction permit on the grounds that I did not respect the distance, while it is not true. IPARDI has financed other farmers and the municipality has given them a construction permit while I have not. For this reason, I will report it to the prosecutor “, said Çela.

The number of livestock farms in Albania is always declining. Some farmers give up their job because of such difficulties, but Dashamiri says that if he does not find his right he will leave this country, where very few young people want to engage in agriculture and livestock.

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