Expired drugs for prisoners, among several violations revealed by KLSH checks on prison system

20/11/2021 21:30

Top Channel reported yesterday the findings from the Ministry of Justice checks, which said that 153 previously convicted persons worked as guards in the Albanian prison administration.

But in the meantime, the high state control (KLSH) in an audit report announced today chaos with the prison administration and overlapping structures.

Also, there were commands in office for employees at management level and 138 employees at non-management level, with 4 separate orders without a set deadline, contrary to the legal basis in force.

The KLSH has also revealed that prisoners are given expired medications, as is the case with a drug called Ranitidine. These dangerous medicines come from the waste of pharmaceutical warehouses, but the prison administration has allowed them to be bought and given to prisoners.

Ranitidine has been removed from use because it contains carcinogenic elements.

KLSH has found at least 13 types of medicines with such problems.

The authorities also stated that during 2020, 16 non-competitive procurement procedures were conducted in the total value of ALL 182 million.

Top Channel