Experts say that the current education budget is miserable. Urgent needs for investments

29/08/2018 21:12

While there are many pictures of ruined school in rural Albania, the question is if the Albanian government spends enough on education.

Ndricim Mehmeti, an education expert, says that the government has a miserable budget that is not enough for professional or scientific labs.

This year’s budget has 3.1% of the GDP for education. The average in the EU is 4.7%.

“Albania would need a start with 5%”, Mehemeti says, adding that low spending keeps the education sector in a vicious circle. “We will have fewer qualified people to respond to the job market needs. Poor education quality forces youth to leave the country. There will be fewer students in our schools. We will also have fewer qualified teachers because there is no investment”, he said.

According to a World Bank report, investments in education have the highest rate of return in benefits. When governments increase their education spending with 1% of the GDP, the economic growth increases at the same rate.

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