Exclusive: “Dynamite passed through Tirana airport”

02/07/2016 12:10

The Civil Aviation Authority and the State Police have made three hidden tests of the airport security on April 20th, 2016.

The first test was about putting explosive inside the airport. The second test was about passing blade weapons and the third test was about entering the premises from the same door used by the robbers. The airport security has failed three times.

Top Channel has the report that was sent to the Ministry of Transportation this May, showing how vulnerable our airport is and the indifference of “Airport Partners” and ICTS, the company responsible for the Rinas security.

The document owned by Top Channel show that the weapons and explosive were passed through the staff passage doors that were used by the robbers a few days ago.

The report notifies the Ministry of Transportation for the situation but no measure was taken at least until June 29th, when three men robbed a money-transportation vehicle.

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