EULEX: One suspect for the police agent murder

23/08/2011 09:20

EULEX investigations for the recent tragic event in Northern Kosovo are
apparently giving a result. The prosecution was able to identify and
collect evidence for two main suspects of the bigger incidents that took
place in border checkpoints 1 and 31, on July 25th.

The prosecutors have evidence for the murder of the agent Enver Zymberi and also for the fire set to the border checkpoint no.1.

EULEX sources, to which “Telegraph” is referring, confirmed the results and explained that one person is the main suspect that has connection with both cases.

Since last Thursday there has been an operative plan for arresting the suspect, but his frequent movements and the support he has from the community have made EULEX to hesitate before acting.
Instead of arresting him, EULEX and KFOR undertook another action this Sunday, with the goal of taking material evidence for the burning and destruction of the border checkpoint no.1.

EULEX officials, backed by KFOR, entered Leshak village near Jarinja and seized a bulldozer that might have been used for destroying the border checkpoint. They arrested the owner of the bulldozer and released him afterwards. EULEX declared that he resisted from handling over the material evidence.

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