EULEX convinces local Serbs

22/08/2011 18:55

EULEX pretends of having convinced local Serbs that the actions in Northern Kosovo
are being directed by the European Mission and are part of the July 27th
events, when border checkpoint no.1 in Jarinje was set to fire. EULEX
confirmed that the investigations are undergoing and that Kosovo police
were included in this Sunday’s operation at Leposavic.

On the other hand, EULEX clarifies that KFOR has communicated with the Serbian media, telling them that the protesters agreed and that EULEX is leading investigations that are supported by Serbia too.

One day ago, the Leshak Serbs  blocked EULEX and KFOR investigators to enter Postenje village and scrutinize a bulldozer that was used for burning Jarinje checkpoint no. 1.

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