Elbasan Police identifies killer

04/01/2011 10:30

Police has identified the author of the murder that took place in the
city of Elbasan on December 30th, when a 40-year-old citizen was
executed in a main street of the city with a firearm.

The killer is Bledar Muca, who is wanted by the Police and very soon will have an international arrest order from Interpol.

The Kapshtica Police agent, Ardian Çekiçi, was also arrested for helping the murderer cross the Greek border.

24 hours before the New Year’s Eve, Ilir Rexhepi was executed by an automatic weapon while coming out of a bar. 15 people were interrogated by the police, until they were able to find the author.

The victim was the President of a private police in this city, and the brother of the former police agent who was killed two years ago, Roland Rexhepi, also known as Doda.

Doda’s trial has not ended yet, although the murder took place on July 22nd 2009. The main motive might be revenge, but there is no official announcement by the police.

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