Education Ministry, preparing for new year

25/08/2011 16:40

The new academic year starts on September 12th, while the registrations will start on August 29th.

The Minister of education met the heads of the education directories and asked them to increase the number of students who chose professional schools, because the job marked has demands for new people specialized in tourism, construction and agriculture.

“The registration indicator is satisfactory. The job market demands more and more for specialized people an technicians in tourism, industry, agriculture, technology and information”, Tafaj declared.

This year there will be 200 new classes for the pre-school system, which is indispensable for five-year old children.

“We aim to open new groups and classes. For this we will make use of the existing kindergartens and elementary schools”, Tafaj specified.

The Ministry of Education will pay a special attention to the registration of children who come from poor and Roma families, since most of them do not have the necessary means to frequent basic education.

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