Durrës cadastre blocked after expected dismissal of managers, 200 files with irregularities

26/01/2022 21:11

Durrës Cadastre Office will soon no longer provide any services for an indefinite period as most of the employees will be laid off, is reported.

General director Artan Lame, has been asked by the Ministry of Justice to dismiss the majority of the employees of the Durrës cadastre office, according to a report.

16 employees, including the Director of Cadastre, Head of Cartography and Registration, Head of Property Transfer, head of ALUIZN, and 10 specialists of this directorate are accused of abuses in 215 property legalization files, some of which completely lacked the most important documentation required by law.

The 386 pages report of the Ministry of Justice also states that some of the cases have been sent as lawsuits to the Special Prosecution Office SPAK, the Prosecution Office of Durrës and Tirana.

Top Channel required comments from the cadastral executives accountable for the 200 abusive practices, but there has been no official response.

The Durrës Cadastre has been relocated to the village of Preza in Tirana, along with the Tirana, Kruja and Kavaja agencies since 12 July.

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