Drago the detection dog, seven years in the State Police sniffing for firearms

07/06/2024 16:08

Drago is 8 years old, but since the age of 1 he has been part of the Albanian Police.

He has been trained to use his sense of smell to find firearms and has been part of the Guard of the Republic during security checks in many institutions and premises where local delegations and from all over Europe, have participated.

“Working with Dragon is a daily affair. He is very confident”, said his instructor.

For Drago and other Police dogs, today was a testing day. For the first time in Tirana, a Regional Demonstration was organized with police dogs for their skills in detecting narcotics and firearms. Instructors of police dog units from Tirana, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Skopje and Pristina, performed organized demonstrations in various disciplines where they demonstrated the skills of the dogs and their carers, who have been training them for years.

“Our institute has 63 dogs. Currently, we are training 5 in narcotics detection. But in institutes we also have dogs for small and light weapons, for the detection of explosives, tracking dogs and patrol dogs. We also breed them as puppies, we have them in institutes, where we train them early on. Only we and Serbia have this practice”, said Mirash Loçi, head of the Albanian institute for training police dogs.

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