DP’s Berisha denounces SP minister’s son for arrest in Italy, clashes with his mother

17/06/2022 21:05

Former opposition leader DP, Sali Berisha says that the son of socialist Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi has earlier been put under investigation in Italy.

The former prime minister has posted on his social network and some documents where it is alleged that the son of the interior minister and several other people have been investigated for medication smuggling and it is also alleged that Albanian patients received forged health cards in Italy during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, a reaction has come from the mother of the minister’s son who says that she and her son have no problem with Italian justice, saying that “it was mentioned casually in an Italian justice investigation, which has to do with us.”

In a long status on the social network “Facebook”, Zhaklina Peto shows that he stayed in Italy for several months in 2021, after taking care of his sick mother. “No one has the right to lynch and publicly punish us for purely political purposes,” she wrote.

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